Hey — I'm Kelly

I'm an American product designer who has been living and working in The Netherlands since 2018. I work at WeTransfer, where I design tools to move ideas.

In eight years as a designer, I've been lucky to be part of product teams of all sizes. Prior to joining WeTransfer, I was the only designer at Smartify, the world's most downloaded museum app. Before that, I spent a whirlwind couple of years in the Facebook Seattle office working on audio and video calls for Messenger. My first design job was at Tripadvisor in Boston, where I started as an intern.

My background is in media studies and journalism. I studied graphic design at Syracuse University's Newhouse School, one of the top communications programs in the U.S.

I care deeply about creating inclusive and accessible products, building simple and sustainable design systems, and nurturing effective communication within and across teams. Collaborating with diverse, multi-disciplinary product teams energizes me.

When I can get away from the computer screen, I enjoy spending time with my sausage dog, messing around in my garden, reading, traveling, watching Formula 1, studying Dutch and Italian (not at the same time), and listening to instrumental hip-hop.
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