About me

I'm an American product designer and design manager based in the Netherlands since 2018. I work at WeTransfer, where I lead a growing design team focused on the .com product experience.

In nine years as a designer, I've worked on products and teams of all sizes. Prior to joining WeTransfer, I was the only designer at Smartify, an award-winning arts startup that created the world's most downloaded museum app. Before moving to the Netherlands I worked in Facebook's Seattle office designing the audio and video call experience on Messenger. My first design job was at Tripadvisor in Boston, where I started as a summer intern and later designed the travel brand's first Apple TV app.

My education is in media studies and journalism. I studied graphic design at Syracuse University's Newhouse School, one of the top communications programs in the U.S.

In non-work life, I spend a lot of time with my sausage dog and partner in our village outside Amsterdam. I enjoy taking road trips around Europe, downhill skiing, tinkering in my garden, watching Formula 1, and studying Dutch and Italian.

I haven't updated this site in a few years, so if you'd like to see recent case studies (or just say hey!), please send me a note at kellystevens@hey.com.